How To Get Through Fathers Day If You're Having a Hard Time

How to Get Through Father’s Day If You’re Having a Hard Time

Natalie Buchwald, LMHCFeatured In The News

By Natalie Buchwald, LMHC | Last Updated: October 16th, 2023
Reviewed by Steven Buchwald

This article talks about a range of reasons why Father’s Day may be difficult for some people.

For some, this boils down to having difficult family members.

It is ok to avoid or take breaks from family if you need to. If there are certain family get-togethers you absolutely cannot avoid, but spending time with extended family is stressful for you, Natalie Buchwald, LMHC and founder of Manhattan Mental Health Counseling suggests getting as much time alone prior to and during the event as possible. She talks about the importance of calming exercises such as meditation, writing down your emotions, leaving the room when needed, going on short walks, and remaining calm when talking about stressful subjects with family members. These things will lead to constructive talks, rather than explosive arguments.

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