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Free Yourself of Your Eating Disorder

Many of us have developed unhealthy relationships with our body and use food to deal with difficult feelings. Our therapists help those struggling with eating disorders overcome disruptive eating behaviors and understand how food is used to manage their emotions and stress. We explore the root cause of the eating disorders and can help you gain control over your eating behaviors.

Eating disorders are best treated with a multi-disciplinary treatment team composed of a primary care physician, a psychotherapist, a dietitian and a psychiatrist. Our psychotherapists can join your treatment team, or help you assemble one.

Identify the Emotions that Food Stir Up

By examining our own particular relationship with eating, weight, exercise and the emotions that show up around those activities, you can learn to identify your triggers and bring awareness to the pattern of disordered eating habits. An eating disorder therapist can help you identify how the destructive patterns start, what emotions come up for you and what false narratives you may be telling yourself. We will also teach you how to identify and tolerate painful feeling without turning to food or restrictive behaviors.

Use Tools Learned in Session to End the Cycle

Eating is a daily activity; it shows up every day. Accordingly, we take a practical approach and teach you concrete tools to help you deal with immediate challenges. You will learn coping skills and strategies to help you manage the overwhelming emotions, negative thoughts and detrimental eating behaviors.

Explore Eating Disorder Issues at their Root

Eating disorders are rarely about just food and physical appearance. Many people with eating disorders describe using their disorder as an attempt to compensate for problems in their lives that cause mental and emotional anguish. Eating disorders might be a way to gain control when one would otherwise feel a lack of control. Therapy can help you understand how your eating and bodies became such complicated experiences.


  • Identify your own triggers and learn coping skills
  • Identify the steps and feelings associated with the pattern of disorderly eating behavior
  • Connect to feelings underneath the obsessions and compulsions
  • Experiment with intuitive eating, mindful eating, moderation, and letting go of black and white thinking
  • Let go of limiting beliefs about body, weight and dieting that no longer serve you
  • Develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself and your body

Top-Rated Eating Disorder Therapy in New York

Choosing the right psychotherapist can be overwhelming. We strive to make it as easy as possible to find top-rated eating disorder therapy in New York. Whatever challenges you’re going through, Manhattan Mental Health Counseling has a number of eating disorder therapists available to help. Our New York Eating Disorder therapists are featured below.

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