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Ayahuasca and other plant medicine have gained popularity in recent years and even became part of mainstream culture. Aaron Rodger the MVP Green Bay Packers quarterback credited his Ayahuasca experience for helping his mental health and helping him find self-love and support for his professional career.

Celebrities including Russell Brand, Lindsey Lohan, Sting, Chelsea Handler, and Miley Cirus, among others, have experimented with Ayahuasca and reported benefiting from it.

What are the potential benefits of Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca contains the psychoactive compound DMT, which has been shown to increase connectivity and communication between different areas of the brain. This altered brain function may promote the potential therapeutic effects of ayahuasca, such as reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, promoting addiction recovery, and facilitating trauma healing. Ayahuasca has been shown to act against inflammation and oxidative stress. Ayahuasca also increases introspection and emotional processing, which can help individuals gain new insights and perspectives on themselves and their experiences.

Experiences with Ayahuasca and other psychedelics can be intense and transformative. This can involve processing painful and intense emotions and recovering lost memories that were previously suppressed. Ayahuasca is not for the faint of art. It often involves facing realities that many people spend their entire lives avoiding.

Making sense of your Ayahuasca experience and integrating the insights into your daily life can be life changing and propel you toward greater joy and wellness. Without proper integration, Ayahuasca is at best a momentary escape from the mundane. At worst, Ayahuasca can cause more harm than good by reopening old wounds and creating mental confusion which might worsen preexisting feelings of anxiety depression or stress.

Working with a therapist to integrate your Ayahuasca experience is a necessary part of the journey. Therapy can help you align your life with the insights gleaned during the ayahuasca experience.

Integration of Ayahuasca with Therapy

The integration process involves working with a therapist to process and make sense of the psychedelic experience, address any confusion that arose and align your life with the new insights and ways of being.

Sometimes an integration process is offered to the participant of the plant medicine ceremony. Although this sharing circle might yield some benefit, this is at best a starting point toward integration. Much processing is needed to make sense of the experience and align your behavior with the new insights.

Therapy can help with Ayahuasca integration by providing a space for individuals to process their emotions and experiences in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Perhaps the psychedelic experience was not what you expected. It might have left you feeling sad, isolated or misunderstood. Therapy can help you process these emotions and make sense of the Ayahuasca experience.

Therapy can also help individuals develop new coping strategies and behaviors that are consistent with the insights gained during their psychedelic journey. For example, someone who has struggled with self-love may have a new perspective on what it means to love themselves and may need support in developing new habits to practice self-love.

Therapy can help with psychedelic integration by addressing any lingering trauma or emotional wounds that may have been uncovered during the plant medicine experience. Plant medicine often bring up unresolved emotions and experiences that require further processing and healing.

Insights gained during the ayahuasca experience can provide a roadmap for growth and transformation. But it is up to you to continue the personal development and internal work. Therapy can help you integrate insights into your daily life.

If you have used or are considering using Ayahuasca or another psychedelic as part of your healing journey, be sure to work with a therapist who has experience with integration to maximize the benefits of this powerful tool.

How many therapy sessions do I need to integrate my Ayahuasca experience?

Integration is a deeply personal process. There is no set numbers of sessions that will work for everyone. Depending on how deeply the experience has impacted you, therapy might range from a couple of session to a dozen.

It might take several therapy sessions to fully integrate the insights gained from an ayahuasca experience. You might benefit from ongoing weekly therapy to help you fully integrate your experiences and make lasting changes in your life.

Do you administer Ayahusca or other plant medicine?

No. We do not administer, sell or provide Ayahusca, plant medicine or any other psychedelic. Be mindful, that some of these substances are not legal to consume everywhere and may carry legal risks. We do provide integration therapy in connection with all plant medicine and psychedelics, including Ayahusca.

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