Couples Counseling in New York

Strengthen Your Relationship

We help couples strengthen their relationships in a safe, confidential setting. Counseling can give you insight into your dynamics, prevent disagreements from escalating, repair emotional wounds, and rekindle passion.

The Root Causes of Conflict: and What to Do About Them

Even the healthiest, most loving couples fight. Disagreements are natural in any relationship. What matters is how you process them. What lessons do you learn? What actions do you take to meet everyone’s needs going forward? It takes uncommon skills to resolve disputes with sensitivity. An experienced New York couples counselor can illuminate your relationship dynamics in useful ways, resolve existing conflicts and prevent unhealthy escalation.

Communication Tools, So You Both Feel Heard and Connected

Empathy does not come naturally to most of us, especially when strong emotions are involved or when old scripts are running through our heads. In any disagreement, we all need to feel like our partner is listening to us. By taking turns communicating, you can truly hear your partner and their experiences—and vice versa. This quest for understanding, even when it falls short, rebuilds intimacy, safety and trust.

Couples counseling can help you reconnect with your loved one and feel understood again. It can also help overcome issues that seem impossible and find solutions that work for both of you.

Rekindle Sexual Passion

For most couples, passion wanes. Sexual interaction decreases with time and age. Passion gets traded for security. Date nights fall off the calendar, replaced by children’s soccer schedules. This neglect can fuel sexual frustration, which in turn can drive unhealthy behaviors. Sex should feel fun, effortless—like a pleasurable way to deepen the relationship. But problems in the bedroom can be especially tough to discuss, both because of the intensity of emotions involved and the sense of vulnerability everyone feels. A couples counselor can help you rekindle your sexual connection to each other and explore issues standing in the way of love.

As part of couples counseling, you will learn to:

  • Communicate with honesty and clarity
  • Prevent disagreements from escalating
  • Identify your own triggers and learn how to calm yourself
  • Communicate vulnerable emotions and feel more connected
  • Reconnect to the love you share with your partner
  • Rekindle sexual passion
  • Rebuild intimacy, safety and trust

Top-Rated Couples Counseling in New York

Choosing the right psychotherapist can be overwhelming. We strive to make it as easy as possible to find top-rated couples counseling in New York. Whatever challenges you’re going through as a couple, Manhattan Mental Health Counseling has a number of couples therapists available to help. Our New York Couple Counselors are featured below. Note that our couples counselors provide online therapy, from the comfort of your home.

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