Employer Sponsored Mental Health Services

Psychotherapy Sponsored by Tech Companies and Law Firms

A growing number of companies are sponsoring on-site or off-site counseling for their employees. Companies say the benefit can be a tool for improving employee performance and, ultimately retention according to the Wall Street Journal. Employer-sponsored counseling can save time and money and boost workers’ resilience and productivity, as well as their overall health and well-being.

Research has shown that a large number of working professionals struggle with drug and/or alcohol addiction in the U.S. These conditions do not discriminate and can impact all industries and sectors, though some seem to be affected more than others.

Both lawyers and tech workers face higher-than-average stress levels in the workplace. Because of a fast-paced and deadline-driven work culture, the pressures placed on lawyers and tech workers can take a toll. Left unchecked, stress and unhealthy patterns can lead to serious forms of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Although seeking help is not widely promoted in either industry, we believe that tech worker and lawyer mental health services are critically important, both to the people they serve and their employers.

Understanding Lawyer Mental Health Issues

Lawyers are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and substance abuse than other professions. According to a Johns Hopkins University study, lawyers are about four times as likely to struggle with depression as people in other professions. Additionally, a 2016 American Bar Association (ABA) and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study found that more than a quarter (28 percent) of lawyers that are licensed and employed suffer from depression. The study also found that 21 percent of respondents scored at a level consistent with problematic drinking.

Understanding Tech Worker Mental Health Issues

Tech workers face many of the same struggles as lawyers. One study found that about 10 percent of IT workers are classified with a substance abuse disorder and about 9 percent of IT workers admit they are heavy drinkers. One in five tech workers in the U.S. abuse pain relief drugs. Anxiety and depression often sit below the surface of these disorders.

As many in the tech industry work in a startup, stressors can lead to burnout, increased anxiety, and depression. Such high-pressure environments can leave workers unable to engage in necessary self-care or stress-relief activities that can control anxiety and depression. Additionally, working in a fast-paced industry with tight deadlines can lead to the use of controlled substances or cocaine to meet the demands of the workplace. This type of self-medication, combined with alcohol, can lead to long-term mental health issues or exacerbate already-existing issues.

At Manhattan Mental Health Counseling, we work specifically with tech workers and lawyers to address mental health issues that may impede work or the quality of life. Our long-term, personalized approach to therapy helps professionals in these at-risk fields get the help they need. Our services take place at our offices in Manhattan (see below our list of locations). We can also facilitate on-site services at your place of work or remotely via video conference.

Benefits from Sponsoring Employee Therapy

  • Improve your employee’s mental health and well-being
  • Boost employee performance and productivity
  • Improve employee retention
  • Diminish the likelihood of employee burnout
  • Provide a benefit that is overlooked or inaccessible to overworked employees

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